Branded Merchandising Programs

We are makers at heart. We move from concept to creation, offering our own unique set of services and the ability to ideate in house. We encourage your visions to become realized by communicating at the highest level, producing high quality products, and aiming to help you meet your business needs through co-branded product programs.


Warehousing & Logistics

Our roots started in both domestic and global sourcing and production, so we have an extensive network and impeccable understanding of how and where the products we help to ideate get produced. This gives us the confidence we need to help build out and manage the entire production process to make sure your goods are made to spec, on budget, and on time.


In-house Creative Solutions

We are way beyond a catalog company. IRT proudly has been offering outside-the-box branding solutions for over two decades. Our untraditional, full-service approach with creative and branding strategies is aimed to maximize your promotional objectives through effective product design and improved user experience.



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